Monday, October 20, 2008

This weekend was Pastor appreciation Sunday at our church and it was lovely. I think it's fair to say that we really haven't felt very appreciated lately and so it was very nice of the group to make a little bit of fuss over Marty and me for that matter :)

He got the gadget he has always wanted........It's a Pearl gray Pro 600 Kitchen Aid Mixer.........he's been asking for one for christmas for 6 years but it was too was definately a wish list item that stayed a wish list item. (it won't let me post a picture).

They gave me a gift card and gave us a gift card for dinner at the University Chophouse. Def. a place we wouldn't be able to afford. :) All it all very thoughtful gifts.

Then we had a scavenger hunt last night for Youth Group 15 showed up :) It was great. We need to rename it from Youth Group to something else because it has college kids, young adults alike.

Lots going on that has blessed my heart lately, including time getting to know Brent and Emiley.

Thanks you Lord, for provision and placing special people in our path.


The White House said...

oooooo, i am so stealing that mixer!

Myers Family on the Go said...

God is sooo good- not thinking about the whole Minister appreciation thing- i have been in constant prayer for you and your congregation...i prayed so hard for you guys for this Sunday. I made sure to pray specifically for encouragement from YOUR congregation. It is soooo great to see God work- and he is defiantly working through you guys ....see you guys tonight...

Lindsey and Chris said...

i'm stealing it too, Lynn! Maybe we could plan out an attack together and share it!!! :-)