Monday, May 5, 2008

Amazing Sunday

We really did have an amazing Sunday this week. ahhh if they could all be so wonderful. It wasn't that all was perfect but at least it felt right. We had several visitors and I really hope they come back. I pray that people can see our church as a place they want to get plugged in. There is so much ministry to do and so little time to make it happen. I was challenged by Renee Swope over at Proverbs 31 ministries during a conference that she spoke at this past weekend. She said alot of great things. I was convicted of my lack of relying on God. I love to be in control and I need to let God be the one in control. I also was convicted of my lack of starting my day with His ways. I think if I did that it would make a real difference in the God moments throughout the day. There were so many other things.. and I am so glad Nichole came with me. I have experienced nothing but joy watching this woman after God's own heart. She is having such an amazing journey. I only hope she knows the example and encouragement she is to me and many others. So all in all during a time in my life where I have felt very discouraged I am so thankful to my Lord for providing the necessary outlets.