Friday, October 24, 2008

quick week

I can always tell when I over extend myself :0 some weeks are pretty set I have things going on Sundays all day, tuesday night and wednesday night. This in general is not too much. Most of the time I save Monday nights as my one free at home night and Thursdays is our "get together with friends night", Friday is another night we can get together with folks but we are bad at planning in advance so most people already have things going on so we don't do much with others on friday nights. If we planned a little further in advance we could so that's why we usually hang out on Thursdays. Saturday is the typical............housework, church work, or special activity. We used to try to visit on saturdays with family but we have been very bad at planning that lately! This week we had an extra full (but good) day sunday, then monday spent a few hours with Emilie (one day I will figure out how to spell her name) Tuesday was typicall (though I did play hooky from work to get some much needed yard work done. I couldn't have Marty's dad seeing our yard in shambles. To me that is disrespectful since he gave us all the stuff to make it beautiful and we just have to maintain it. So since they were coming into town tuesday evening I felt a great burden for getting cleaned up out there. Probably felt like the yard was more important than the house :) I know I am crazy but that's what I thought. So anyway they came into town Tuesday night stayed over, left their two dogs with us so they could go to a furniture show and should be back tonight to stay and leave tomorrow am for Florida. wish I could hide in their back seat and go to the sunny keys too. I can't complain I have had some delightful vacation time this year with special people. Last night I watch a couple from our church's kids while they went to the crisis pregnancy banquet. Got home about 9:45 and HAD to watch Survivor :) but that put me in bed way past my bedtime. Marty and I went to bed at the same time.......I was asleep before he even finished taking his contacts out :)

Lesson from this week: Leave yourself one evening! It's necissary for sanity :) I don't think we have any major plans this weekend so I should be able to catch up on massive loads of laundry.....I am waaaay behind on laundry.

Marty is speaking at The Path in Washington sunday night so I don't have to plan anything for youth group :) I hope we have a good crowd that goes.

All in all this week has been a good one just need to look at the whole week as I plan :) I even double booked thursday and had to cancel one thing b/c I forgot about the other :)


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