Monday, October 6, 2008

Friends in ministry

I realized Friday after talking with a co-worker that it isn't normal to have people stay at your house. This came as a surprise to me since I have been on the receiving end many times to others hospitality. I realized that this must be a "christian" thing. I would have thought maybe it is a southern thing but I was discussing this with southern folks. So alas a lesson learned.

However I used this unusual situation to share about some of the amazing people I have met in my relatively short lift time because I shared my home with them or they shared their home with me. This weekend was no exception. Keith and Nicole Woods with their beautiful family stayed at our house. Nicole is AMAZING!!! wow I was blessed so much by her :)

I want people to feel comfortable in my home. I want people to look back over their life and think about the hospitality that we offered to them. I can remember many homes that I have stayed in......some were...........interesting.........most were comfortable.........some were extremely awkward.........and a few were simply amazing. I remember how awkward it was to stay with this one family that had like 6 grown children and they were married and a few had kids and they all lived in this 4 bedroom house with a basement and we stayed downstairs in the basement with one of the couples and their newborn.......and there were no doors :) :) that was awkward. On the flip side I remember staying at this one house where they treated us like royalty........were talking chocolate on the pillows and everything :) . Marty's stepmom always puts fresh flowers in the guest rooms, love that. I was able to put fresh flowers in the guest room this weekend b/c my rose bush has been blooming like crazy!

So I guess what I am trying to say is............if you are in or around Greenville, NC and you need a place to stay. Hit us up........I'd love to meet you friend :)

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