Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just feel like I don't have alot of good ideas lately.

This is a great place to post some brainstorming

Tuesday night: Need to come up with our next study. Due after Thanksgiving (probably around the new year actually if I am fair. I should get Kim to look into a few things for me when things slow down a little for her. I just asked Kim to be thinking about it.

Wednesday: Nothing new really here just pitch in where I can.

Sunday morning: keep working with the Bible Bucks they seem to work well and the kids like them............. print out several weeks ahead of time and make copies then I won't have to worry about it on saturday night........duuhhh

Sunday morning 3 year old class: definitely need to work out the logistics on this. hmmmmmmm.... DVD? maybe use Standard curriculum probably best yeah probably.

Need to get the account set up for the light bookstore.... ugggg (went ahead and emailed marty to look for the sheet and scan it to Jenny, hopefully he can find it).

Start thinking now about Youth Christmas program.

Not to mention sunday night youth program.............just writing that stressed me out :) committee : Marty, Exie, Ted, Lisa, Carson, Steven..... I don't know should you have a ton of people on a committee or just a few........I just don't know.

ok nouph for now!

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