Friday, May 8, 2009


We have been studying the book of James during our Wednesday Night bible study. I have so enjoyed it. Honestly I had forgotten how practical this book is. Studying it has made me reread it during my weeks and i have been so convicted. When's the last time you read's only 5 chapters, go for it. Let me know what you think :)

The fitness class we have at church on Thursday night's is probably my favorite. I love those ladies. When things get in the way of our time, I really miss it. We are hoping to up the participation. I don't really know what to do to get more folks coming. It's one of those things that once you get there you are so glad you came. Amber is such a fantastic trainer and she gives us her all. It's so nice to be working out and when you have a question, the trainer is right there to show you how to do it and answer your questions. I go to the gym also but I love the relationship I have with the folks that come to the class at church. We aren't just working on our physical body we are working on our spiritual body. I love the conversations we have, I love that we get to lift each other up in prayer. I love that we laugh together and cry together. If you want to come you are more than welcome. Thursday's 6pm childcare is provided :)

My crazy husband has decided to invite his Sunday School class over this weekend for a lockin.........have I told you how much I HATE lockins. He has been so busy, well I guess I have too, we really haven't had a lot of time to talk about it so I am not really sure all of his plans. I am sure it will be fun for everyone. And just for the record, I will be sleeping :).

I am looking forward to seeing Marty's family Sunday afternoon. We haven't seen them in a while. We had a great time visiting with my family last weekend. I totally thought my sister was cleaning at the beach so I didn't stop by her place..........well........apparently she had the weekend off, so I felt kind of bad about that. My nephew is graduating from preK today. I didn't plan ahead so I'm not able to go to the graduation. I kind of feel bad but it's only preK graduation right. I mean the high school and college graduations are the ones that really matter.

I'll make it up to him this summer. I'm trying to think of something cool to do with them this summer.........maybe they can come to the beach with me........yeah that would be fun. Get the beach house for a few days and invite them. I wish I had solid two day weekends instead of just one day. oh well.

That's basically my life and thoughts in a nutshell lately. peace out!

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creative gal said...

I think your fitness night sounds great!! :0)