Tuesday, May 26, 2009

well! what can I say it's Tuesday........but it feels like Monday :) We had a nice long weekend. We didn't get to do anything super exciting..........a few ministry things got in the way but that's ok b/c we had some quality time together and we really needed it.

So I'm pretty excited that my neighbor has decided to come out to the fitness class at the church. She wrote me an email last friday and told me how much she enjoyed it and even recalled our discussion about love being patient and kind and how she thinks coming on thursday nights could make her a better person :) I want her to know that Jesus will make her a better person. But that's how it gets started.

They are also very interested in the Financial Peace classes that we are going to do at the church. For any of you interested we are going to have a preview June 2nd, that this coming Tuesday at 7pm. We are going to start the class on July 7th. I'm so excited about it and I know several others are too.

Life has been pretty busy lately but not in a "i'm going to lose my mind" kind of way. Just in a "I feel accomplished" kind of way.

This summer is shaping up to be really busy......especially for Marty. There is a 3 week stretch that he will only be home for the weekend. Got to figure out what to do with the dog mid day????

Well It's Monday (Tuesday) that means I have to find the motivation to get crackin at work.


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Lauren said...

Yours! Lynn had mentioned that you guys lived near us. Have the bees come to visit you yet?