Monday, November 3, 2008

Great Weekend...........Over

Avrial and I had such a great weekend at the Women of Faith conference. Next year, now that I have been once, I will try to get more people to go. It was really great. Basically it's a weekend full of women sharing their stories. I laughed, I cried, I was convicted, I was uplifted... so many emotions and i just plain relaxed with by buddy. We stayed at a really cute hotel (the Hyatt) try it sometime. We watched movies ate great Thai food, enjoyed each others company.... it was like we were back in college :) Good times. It was funny how many people I saw that I knew... lets see... well obviously we ran into Christ's Church people, but also Towne South peps.... one girl from there even won the grand prize 4 WoF tickets and 2 hotel rooms for next year. Also Ruby from back home, and Jenny Gross....Carson's grandma.......I am sure there are others I just don't remember.

Not being around for Halloween this year has really thrown me off. I didn't see any costumes, pass out any candy, or even carve a pumpkin..........the last part is kind of depressing. We have 3 pumpkins and one especially would have been fantastic for carving! oh well

No I have to get back to normal. I have been looking forward to last weekend for several month.. I think mid August is when I decided to go. So now I have the holidays to look forward to. Man time is flying by.

I need to go be productive at work now. Have a great day bloggy friends.

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