Monday, November 10, 2008

God is good!

What's new right :) Back in early August God opened up the door for me to go to a conference to be spiritually renewed and I was. He has also brought into my life recently some pretty amazing people to encourage me. He has also helped me work through some emotional baggage I have been hanging onto. And He continues to sort things out in my life.

In most recent news

I got a raise above and beyond yearly stuff at work!
I got a much needed weekend away with one of my favorite friends!
I have had some hard but heart to heart conversations with my family!
I have prayed for direction in ministry and gotten answers!
I have seen my husband encouraged!
I have been blessed!
I am extremely thankful!

As far as ministry is concerned I have been worried often about what to do with the teen program. We only have 2 teens that consistently come to the Sunday night program and yet I worry myself weekly with trying to come up with new and improved ways of ministering to them. I know that the ministering really happens by getting into their lives but I just felt this obligation to keep up with this schedule that they have always had. Finally after the advice from several I called a "planning" meeting and even though this is what I wanted I let it come from them. We are going to have a monthly event that includes the whole family on Sunday night. This will be the 3rd Sunday. Several are going to help plan it so I will not have to. We will go to the Path the last Sunday of every month. That's it! throw in some events like CCYC or SNL or things like that and we are done! This makes my heart happy!!!

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