Monday, March 31, 2008

Wear Your Helmet

On Friday March 28th at 4:30pm the Lord revealed to me just how much he loves me, my family and especially my niece. Brittany was in a 4 wheeling accident. She was racing with a friend through a field and hit a small 8-12 inch ditch. She was thrown 80 feet landing on her front side. Brittany was airlifted unconscious to the children's trauma center in Greenville. Her parents or any other family for that matter were not allowed to ride with her, instead had to drive the 1.5 hours to the hospital. I am so thankful I live in Greenville, I was able to meet the Helicopter.

Brittany is going to be ok. She does have a broken wrist, a concussion, bruised lungs, lots of scratches and scrapes... I will take all of this because she is going to be ok. I thought I would loose her. She and I have been so close her whole life. She tells me things that no one else knows. We have the best time just hanging out together... and to see her like this was so hard.

None of this even comes close to her broken spirit. Brittany is such an independent, healthy and active little 11 year old girl. It is so hard for her to be patient with her parents, the nurses and the doctors. She wants nothing more than to go home. But she won't until the doctors believe she is strong enough. She is so sad. I weep with her when she needs to weep. I smile with her the few times she has smiled. Today was one of those days. Her teacher called and put the whole class on speaker phone. She was glowing, it really was amazing.

Please pray that we have more glowing moments. I am so thankful that the Lord had his protective hands around Brittany. I know He has many amazing things planned for this child.

and for goodness sakes... make your children wear helmets all the time. no matter how uncool. This 11 year old would be dead!

Thanks for the support my blogging friends.

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