Friday, March 14, 2008


Less really is more people. I have found that unless there is room for everything to have it's own place you will never be able to get ahead of the game. The truth is most people can't organize because they simply have too much stuff. Clean sweep taught me alot and I have been able to live by their philosophy.

Take one room at a time, even if you only have an hour. Grab one bag for trash, one back for giveaway and one basket for keep.

Now spend time in that pile and sort it into one of the three options. I think the key is for you to "finish" by throwing the trash away, loading the giveaway stuff in the car, and putting away the keep items. Unless you complete the task you won't feel like you have done anything.

Also in my house my husband has the luxury of one drawer for dark t-shirts, one for white t-shirts, one for socks, one for underwear and one for shorts.... everything else is hung up. Since we are able to sort things like this it is easy to see when it is necessary for things to be weeded out. For example... when I can't fit anymore t-shirts in his drawer I pull out out 10 old maybe ugly ones that I don't like and lay them on the bed for him to choose 5 to keep :) never in a million years would i get away with just throwing his out or get him to sort through his drawer but if I do the leg work i usually don't have any trouble getting him to go through them and "rescuing" a few poor shirts that were headed to the dust rag pile. :)

I am definately one of those organize junkies so I could say alot but I will leave room for everyone else to part with their knowledge on Lysa's blog.

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Jenny said...

You sound like my friend I wrote about..throw my stuff away!

Have a great weekend!

Bobbie said...

I too love clean sweep. Have you read any of Peter Walsh's books- although it sounds like you are doing a good job and have it down.